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    101 Bay Online Real-Time Booking Systems
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    iPad POS system
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Our latest version of
iPad POS system and Self Ordering System

Our iPad POS system setup is fast and uncomplicated. It is super easy to train staff

What is new on iPad POS System

Our revolutionary service allows you to significantly cut down the time it takes for customers to order their food by allowing customers to view the restaurant menu on their smartphones and Place orders by themself. Call service with their mobile phone.

Real-Time Reservation System

Customer Self-Ordering System

Employees can Take Orders on a Tablet

Call for service through mobile phone

Why Spa Business Needs 101 Bay Online Appointment System

Worry about loss of customers when you are unable to answer phone calls ?
Worry about complaints from your customers when you answer phone calls frequently ?
101 Bay online appointment system is the best solution

We Serve Spa Industry

We are specialized in spa website design

Web Design And Development

Business Card

Postcard design

Video Production


Adverting Design

Real-Time Online Appointment System

Gift Card System

Online Appointment

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